Aviation Software

From 2010 onwards, my focus was to develop and grow VisionMonitor Aviation software. We designed some great solutions always based on input, meetings, and discussion with our clients. Often our ideas required floating mockups of concepts to clients to get feedback. A few of these mockup concepts are shown below.

VisionMonitor BI Dashboard Control  VisionMonitor BI Dashboard Mockup  VisionMonitor Process Control Proto Screens  VisionMonitor Process Control Proto Screens 

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Emissions Software
Environmental Emissions Management Software

Between 2005 and 2009, VisionMonitor software provided solutions to the energy industry to allow management of emissions including greenhouse gases, HRVOC, NOx, and more. We had several environmental software packages in which I worked with clients to define needs, design, and deploy solutions. These designs included flow diagrams, wireframes, mockups, prototypes, and finished products. A few of these are shown below.

VisionMonitor Flow Diagram  VisionMonitor GHG  VisionMonitor Hi Res Proto 

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Piano Keys
Electronic Musical Instrument Products

In the early part of my career, I worked for International Music Company in Fort Worth, TX. I started there as an electronic technician, but quickly moved into product development. In the beginning my main job was helping to build and troubleshoot electronics, but I then became part of the overall development team.

There I learned how to design circuit boards, and from there moved on to full product design. We used AutoCAD extensively to mockup product panels, add, remove, and position controls. We created panels, chassis, graphics and built functional prototypes to review with customers. Later I learned Adobe Illustrator and other creative tools for designing all graphics, layouts, and even packaging.

Additionally, once the product was finalized I had the responsibility to take our protypes overseas and work with manufacturing to mass produce them. At some point in all of this International Music became Akai Musical Instrument Corp. While that was our main brand, I worked across all product lines we had including Ross Systems, Hill Audio, Jackson and Charvel electronics, as well as Akai products. I often think of this time in my life as a university education. I learned so much there, and eventually left to start a .com with a few of my coworkers. Below are just a very few examples of the many products I worked on.

Akai AMX6 Mockup     AMX Ad     Ross System Mixer Proto     Ross System Mixer Proto    

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