Motion Graphics and Animation

Early in my career as a web designer, I often had to make animations for web, fly in text for video, and other motion graphic elements. My passion for motion graphics has only grown over time, leading me to designing illustrations, developing themes, and bringing ideas to life. I also create more conceptual work designing animations for music I create. You can see a few of those on the Current Compositions page, as well as on this page.
You can also check out my YouTube channel for original videos, animations, and music. Below are a few examples.

This one is a 2D character animation discussing the need for water conservation. Conserving water is critical for many reasons. Fresh clean water is a limited resource. Over 40% of the global population currently experiences water shortages. This is expected to rise in the next few years.

Migrant farm workers play a crucial role in the agricultural sector. They contribute to the economy by helping to lower inflation, increase average wages, and reduce unemployment. Their hard work and resilience often go unnoticed, but they are essential in feeding the world.

DesignsW Promo

This animation is a promo on the DesignsW website.

Imagine looking up from the ground of the small world and watching the seasons and environmental change. I think of this one especially as a digital painting with motion and an original soundtrack.

This animation explores the idea that the universe is fundamentally probabilistic. Each decision we make creates the world in which we live. We have every option, so our choice at each moment is important. New Mexico is a great place to consider the possibilities! I hope you find this to be an interesting visual experience while listening to this instrumental!

This animation is a series of illustrations brought to life, to accompany an original music composition. It portrays a journey from darkness to light.

This illustration/animation/sound was designed to play on Instagram and is inspired by my last visit to the Tate Modern in London before the pandemic. The visit was to view an exhibit by Olafur Eliasson, which inspired me to create this animation and sound. The animation is fairly simple, but evokes a nice memory of entering this exhibit with flashing lights and sound when stepping out of the elevator on to the second floor of the Tate Modern.

There was a beautiful moon outside my window one evening. I decided to illustrate, animate, and create some sound for it! I originally designed this one to play on Instagram.